Foreign National Program

As the US economy has improved over the last few years the need for more capital for people with no social security numbers has increased. Nowadays there are several types of mortgages available to foreign buyers than since the beginning of the recession and credit shortage. Many times foreign nationals might have their primary residence outside of the United States and it can be difficult for foreign nationals to find a loan to fit their needs. Here at APR Mortgage LLC we work hard to help you clear legal hurdles and process the necessary paper work. Often times we have found many foreign nationals are looking for a second residence.
APR Mortgage LLC will work around the absence of U.S. documents to determine if you have enough income and assets to qualify for a mortgage or loan. If you do qualify you should be prepared to make a down payment. We know that most foreign nationals do not fit the underwriting requirements of retail banks so APR Mortgage LLC has stepped into the fold to help you.
Our basic criteria to help foreign nationals get a loans includes the following criteria:

  • No credit score required
  • Up to 70% LTV on purchase or refinance
  • Interest only available
  • No tax returns required

Fortunately, APR Mortgage LLC has made mortgage financing for foreign buyers of U.S. property easier to solve.