Private Money

As a real estate investor and home buyer you can spend hours and hours prospecting trying to find the best deal and money to support that deal. Without the money to complete the deal you will be left looking for a new deal, again. All the while time is ticking and it is possible that you might lose the opportunity to another bidder.  

New real estate investors & home buyers spend a lot time drinking out of the fire hose. They spend an inordinate amount of time researching and trying to figure out how to raise cash and equity capital from lenders. At APR Mortgage LLC we are experienced and understand how the nuances of the lending industry work. We can navigate you through the ins and outs of raising money as well as marrying you up with the right deal. We will hold your hand all the way from a payment of earnest money to making an offer on a home or piece of real estate. So if you do not have a lot of liquid cash to start with, than you have come to the right company and most likely will find a very good fit with APR Mortgage LLC Private Money equity. So let’s talk a little bit about how we do it.

If you read any articles on lending you will see a theme that corresponds to where the money comes from. We want you to avoid having to borrow money from friends and family or those in your “primary circle” as investors put it. If you borrow money from friends and family this is a sure way to ruin relationships and we also advise against it. You can even go through associates and colleagues of your primary circle to borrow, but even these can be fraught with sketchy legal ties and poorly worded contracts that lead to exorbitantly high rates.

This leads us to another way to borrow money and that is from an accredited institution such as a bank or an investment house. But what if they decide you do not meet the criteria for a loan? Well, this is where APR Mortgage LLC, a licensed mortgage broker and insurer steps in to help.

At APR Mortgage LLC we specialize in the following credit criteria and will help those that have:

  • Down to 500 credit score – Traditional banks factor in credit scores that are more stringent and require legal oversight. APR Mortgage LLC does not require such strict oversight and we can afford to lend to you despite a low credit score.
  • No income verification - Many times there is not a lot help for those that are self-employed. Fret not, APR Mortgage LLC is here to help.
  • 1 day out of foreclosure or bankruptcy – We understand the rules and will work diligently to ensure we can help you within the law and keep your risk down to a minimum.
  • Up to 75% LTV on refinance or purchase – We work to get you the most competitive types of Loan To Value Rates.
  • Can close in 5 days - Due to requiring less oversight we can significantly speed up your loan application and keep the terms competitive and in most cases below the credit card company rates.

Contact APR Mortgage LLC today about our private money loans to see if we can help you. We promise an honest assessment and will spell out the risk to you in an ethical fashion. If after walking you through the loan terms we sense that it might be difficult for you to pay the loan back than we will state this up front and help you weigh your financing options.